Tuesday, July 17, 2012

summer naked people sessions

Today's figure drawing sesh got better towards the end. Here's some 2 minute poses.

10 minute pose using a cool graphite stick thingy. There's some proportion issues here but playing with the graphite was fun, and I liked the line quality it gave me. I worked a lot more with tone this time around too. Cal state coolin' dat is important. On another note I thought this model was enjoyable. He did a lot of challenging poses with that big belly of his.

As of late I'm working on analyzing what I see more thoroughly. I've noticed in the beginning of this session I tightened up a LOT, forgetting to take a breather and slow down. Towards the end I loosened up quite a lot and felt less constipated. Art constipation. he. hehe. aaaanyway Maybe that's just how warm-ups work? hm. I'm hoping to put up a good 20 minute pose on here soon.

Here's a few that were done a few weeks before:

10 minute pose

5 minute poses. Rhythm is probably my most favorite part about figure drawing, but around this time was where I started realizing that I was relying too much on style. What do? Go back and study the figure.

These were done ago on my own time, around the same time as the ones above. Watercolor and Pitt pastel.

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