Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ANI 113B Forest Project

I can definitely make some more revisions on these, but here's what I turned in for our forest project!

I started off with the night one, but I ended up liking the day one a little bit more. This was my first serious tackling with PS painting ever, so I'm feeling pretty good about what I came up with. What a journey this semester was! I learned a whole ton from this and I hope to learn a lot lot lot more later on.

Many thanks to Danny, Eric, Jon, Amy, Uri and a whole lot of you for helping me out through this process!


  1. Nice!! I love the mood and stuff, from the color and lighting. Bunny showed us everyones from your class and they were all craazy good and different from last semester :O

    1. Thanks man!!1 Does it still look like a new age album cover lol :P