Thursday, July 18, 2013

ANI 113B Forest Prelim work

Here's some of the preliminary work I did for our forest project. It's been a while since the project ended but I thought it would be nice to share these. As an artist not too experienced with layout I learned a whooooooole lot from this. The changes that the forest itself went through also kept going even after this prelim work. Here goes:

The thumbnails that started it all! Try to find the one I ended up sticking with.
Black and white comps done for finalizing the layout. I tried to stick to silhouettes so that the shapes would read instantly.

We were then assigned to make a clay maquette to use as reference for our hero tree. I do not have the concept sketches scanned (no scanner at the moment! boo) but I used those as well as several references I collected of cork trees to create the model. For the rest of the set, I used a lamp for the moon, mom's scarf for the grass, a couple of rocks from outside and a deer model from Michael's.

The final one I used as my main reference.

This one doesn't read as well as the first but I thought the rocks looked coooool

It ended up becoming not-deer after all this and much more. You can view its final product here!1 bai

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