Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer sketches

Summer's almost ending so here's a bit of what I was doing in my spare time. This has got to be one of the most productive summers yet. I feel like I learned a lot about myself and I'm grateful to be busy with such creatively enriching projects! Definitely going to take advantage of my summers from now on.

I got a little 6 x 6 and people always ask me if I cut it in half. Nope, I bought it like that :P I liked the size of it and felt like I achieved a lot more with it due to the small paper size. It's also a lot easier to carry around when you want to do a spontaneous on-location sketch.

I've dropped this thing in countless bodies of water so excuse the warping on the pages. Hard to get a good quality scan without sitting on it. Here's a few I've done in Santa Cruz, the place I've spent more than half my summer in:

If it's one thing I thought I improved on this summer, I feel like I've gotten over the fear of thinking a subject is "too hard" to draw, or the state of thinking that a drawing has to have every single renderable detail. I remembered that ultimately, I'm drawing because I love it and it makes me feel good. I felt like that simple notion is what we forget everyday, and then we end up miserable because of it. Before I would be too anxious to try out landscapes, or paint in gouache, or recklessly experiment in watercolor, but I found myself a lot happier when I try something out than to not try it at all, no matter the end result. Because of this I still have a whole lot to learn about sketching, drawing, painting etc and I don't think I'm ever going to get bored :) I think what I should do next is slow down for some of them.

Here's a few I did at Philz Coffee yesterday. One thing I want to achieve in my work is story:

Large Tesora, Medium Sweet

What I usually get is Ecstatic Iced, not-so-sweet with cream

A self portrait from the reflection in my laptop, since the screen's light wouldn't turn on...

Here's the gouache epitome I had a while back. It's nothing special but I felt like I finally got a handle with gouache, especially after struggling with it for the past year I had this set. Using the right amount of water (not too much or too little) and using it opaquely like an acrylic is what I learned from doing this. I also found that I layer a whole lot more in gouache and I like how it can still be moved around after drying.

I'm sad that summer is almost over and I won't get to go to Santa Cruz as much during the school year ;_; but I had a bangin good time, met some fab people and spent a lot of time with good friends.

Stay tuned for more stuuuuff! I also have more pages to scan from the beginning of summer so there will be that. Got a Rama Lama update coming soonish

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