Friday, September 6, 2013

People at the zoo + Sampler Plate

Some more stuff from the land of 114:

In Walt Stanchfield's notes, he described a situation in which he assigned students to draw a person using an umbrella. Many of them forgot to draw the umbrella. I thought that was extremely relevant to this assignment because at face value, people at the zoo are just standing around looking at the animals, but I think illustrating the contact to the animals would be the most effective when drawing "people at the zoo." What else can they be doing besides just look at the animals? What kind of relationship can they develop with them, even just for a few seconds like the boy with the lemur? What relationships do we build with each other while going to communal places like these?

I then thought of what kind of relationships the zookeepers would have with them.

Naturally we are all curious about the animals there. What would happen when zoo-goers push their curiosity a little too far?

We were also assigned to do 25 animal gestures and sample them in order to find which one to study:


Some coatimundis for warmups. These little guys are sooo cute!

Some giraffes and elephants. I felt like I had a lot of resonance with the elephants because they had a lot of visible shapes to play with.

Some burrrrds and a burd lady at the lorikeet exhibit

The biggest challenge were the cats. I was only able to get one tiger clearly since they were lumbering around on the other side of the exhibit, but I might be choosing them as my animal because of the challenge.

What the original scan looks like, lol

more to comeee

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